A Grafite do Brasil

Our Company

Grafite do Brasil started its operation of exploration and processing of high-quality natural crystalline graphite in 2002, in southern Bahia in the town of Maiquinique.

We seek to make story on the triple foundation:


The production process was developed by Extrativa, taking into account the set of variables related to the product. The mastery of productive technology combined with the quality of the raw material present high-quality results, allowing the concentration of graphite of up to 99.98% carbon.


Quality control is carried out at all stages of the process, with constant updating of procedures and assessment criteria according to ISO 9001 and Total Quality Control Standards. Everything to ensure customer satisfaction.


We develop here in Grafite do Brasil the value and integration of our employees, through a pleasant and safe work environment, which provides professional growth through continuous training programs.

We strive for an ethical, transparent and real relationship with our customers, that meets their business needs with speed, quality and efficiency.